All-Inclusive Luxury Interior Design Boutique

Offering 2,500 square feet of tangible retail showroom space within a local brick and mortar store, anchored deep within the heart of downtown Boston, a vibrant and captivating metropolis brimming with rich history, diverse culture, and progressive fashion – IL Decor brings decades of expertise poised with twelve years of success within the greater Boston area while bolstered by numerous locations along the east coast, as the quintessential innovators of interior design.

Operating as an elite full service company, while accommodating a distinctive demographic, we offer an extensive range of modern high-end services from contemporary residential furnishings, décor, and interior design to individual room remodeling and comprehensive home renovations including luxury apartment and five star hotel commercial clients as part of our growing international portfolio.

IL Decor Interior

Unlike many design firms that cater primarily to the current digital age of faceless automation offering an online message form or an array of online menu items to choose from when designing a domicile – we take pride in creating a personalized and accessible one-on-one journey between our interior professionals and you, appealing to your unique sense of style, while tailoring your specific needs to fit within a magnificent modern motif, as well as the epitome of cutting-edge versatility.

From the moment you walk through the threshold of our establishment, our team will work with you every step of the way from start-to-finish, while becoming acquainted with you and your design inspiration, building a foundation of mutual respect and trust, and developing and executing a customized strategy and solution that will awaken and rejuvenate your living space beyond your expectations.

We work with only the most renowned and reputable worldwide professionals to select the most appropriate team for our customers from architects, interior designers, furniture and appliance manufacturers, and carpenters to project managers, general contractors, plumbers, and electricians – all who will gladly come to your door to make this the ultimate seamless and successful experience!

The IL Decor philosophy is simple – we want to give you the highest quality of excellence in fully customized modern interior design whether you reside within your own monumental manor or a modestly sized rental, to ensure that your living space will exude the contemporary style, beauty, and function that you have always envisioned!