IL Decor brings decades of expertise poised with twelve years of success within the greater Boston area while bolstered by numerous locations along the east coast, as the quintessential innovators of interior design. The IL Decor philosophy is simple – we want to give you the highest quality of excellence in fully customized modern interior design whether you reside within your own monumental manor or a modestly sized rental.

Operating as an elite full service company, while accommodating a distinctive demographic, we offer an extensive range of modern high-end services from contemporary residential furnishings, décor, and interior design to individual room remodeling and comprehensive home renovations including luxury apartment and five star hotel commercial clients as part of our growing international portfolio.

We work with only the most renowned and reputable worldwide professionals to select the most appropriate team for our customers from architects, interior designers, furniture and appliance manufacturers, and carpenters to project managers, general contractors, plumbers, and electricians – all who will gladly come to your door to make this the ultimate seamless and successful experience!

Interior Design

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You're Invited: City Living Panel Discussion

Boston Design Week 2016 Boston Design Guide hosts an open-panel discussion with professionals and homeowners who've successfully downsized from the suburbs to the city. The panel will share experiences, offer insights and give advice on downsizing. Join us to learn trade tips and secrets on selling your home; furnishing, renovating, and maximizing your space, and more!

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Creating A Modern Culinary Setting With Savoir Faire

Cesar Kitchens showcase #1 Establishing a lasting imprint upon more than four astounding decades of rich history – Cesar, Italy’s own Artisanal virtuoso of kitchen design began a modest enterprise in a small workshop within the charming Venice village of Pramaggiore. Quickly recognizing the imperative domestic needs of the global consumer, Cesar expanded into a substantially larger facility during the early years, embarking upon the consumption of ground-breaking technology to eventually become the nucleus of innovative mastery within residential kitchen commerce.

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Modern Trims and Interior Design

Modern interiors showcase #1 Interior trim is a versatile cosmetic enhancement that will add definition to virtually any area of restraint within your home to generate a more pronounced presence, create depth upon a one-dimensional surface for a dramatic result, produce decorative symmetry for a harmonious timbre, frame an aperture for emphasizing flair or elevate a gorgeous completed residential design to a higher level of sophistication.

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